Literal Albatross: A Thing by Doug Driesel Jr.

Doug Driesel Jr. is, as the name suggests, is the second Doug Driesel. However, he’s the first Doug Driesel to be a stand-up comic. Doug was forged from the finest comedian parts Southwestern Missouri could provide, where he hosted a popular comedy radio show in college. Fresh off of not finishing college, he promptly lumbered off to Los Angeles. While working at becoming very good at making coffee-style drinks, he studied improv and sketch comedy at The Upright Citizens Brigade, Westside Comedy and IO West theatres.

Doug’s comedy landed him and his stand-up an appearance on The History Channel’s ‘History of the Joke’ and The Eagle Rock Comedy Festival. Doug also appeared alongside George Wendt on the show ‘As Seen on TV,’ while his debut comedy album ‘My Name is Dave’ has been hailed by critics as “Available on iTunes.” Doug can currently be seen performing around Los Angeles and the Midwest, as a contributing writer for IO West’s ‘Top Story,’ and anywhere injustice rears its ugly head.
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